Flat File

September 09, 2016

I started this 8 drawer flat file about 2 years ago. Paper storage was the main reason I began to build it but the new DHR commission is the reason for it’s completion. It measures 42″ x 52″ x 29″ and is big enough and stout enough to hold the slim alabaster panels that I will create over the next two years. I built it upside down without a plan but enjoyed making it up and problem solving as I went along. The drawers are all dovetailed and the drawer bottoms are rabbeted into the front and back rails. Dovetails also connect the mainframe joints. There are two very nice waterfall joints along the top/side bars with mortise and tenons along the lower side front and back rails. It’s amazing what slow, careful and precise work will yield…(and good tools too..!!). The whole thing fit together perfectly without any need for adjustments or alterations.