An Authentic Fake

  • Robin Clark
  • An Authentic Fake
  • 2008
  • Currency, Notiarized Print
  • 42" x 14"
  • Robin Clark
  • Provenance

    2008, "It's the Money, Stupid", Sherry Frimkin Gallery, santa Monica, CA
  • Context

    My friend Lum manages a liquor store in Fairfax, VA. He is a great source for old denomination currency. All I have to do is put in a request and he comes through. One night he found a counterfeit bill in his evening count and I asked him for it. Counterfeits are illegal to possess so we decided to create a piece with it. We came up with “Authentic Fake” and assigned a signature to it. We included the bill’s history, our intentions,  a statement by the Gallerist, our portraits and finally had all of that notarized.