Art is Not For All, No Secret

A group of 5 Large Faced Bills. The $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. All the ink removed from the front sides except a presidential mask, and the words, “Art is not for all, No Secret”. The shrubbery or treescape is isolated on the “greenback” side. All the ink dust is placed in test tubes and attached to the mylar sleeves with ento pins. These are best viewed after being raked with a hard bright light. One side becomes transparent and the watermark portraits become visible as well.


$100 front fixed

  • Robin Clark
  • Art is Not For All, No Secret
  • 2010
  • Currency, Currency Ink Dust, Plexi-Bars, Test Tubes, Ento pins.
  • Dimensions variable - roughly 3" x 57"