Born 1956, Birmingham, AL
Lives and Works in Virginia

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Art and Currency 2017 - 2018 LCD Gallery 114 N. Main Street, 5th Floor Houston, TX. 77002
DHR Illuminations Commission 2016 - 2019 DHR Investment Counsel
Fiber Arts Masterworks 2016 Fresno Art Museum
ArtSource Consulting Exhibition Programs August - November 2013 The Swig Company, Mills Building, San Francisco, CA
Dillon Gallery upcoming
Dillon Gallery Summer Group 2013 Dillon Gallery, New York, NY
Love Me Tender 2013 Bellevue Arts Museum
Art Miami 2012 Dillon Gallery, Miami, Florida
Gallery Artists Show 2011 Dillon Gallery, New York City
The Constant Possibility of Erasure 2007 Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs, Long Island City, NY
DHR Commisions 2007 - 2015 DHR Investment Council, Berkeley, California
Trading Places: The Art of Financial Exchange 2006 New York Mercantile Exchange, New York, NY
It’s the Money Stupid ! 2008 Sherry Frumkin Gallery
Currency: Art as Money/Money as Art 2006 The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science, Tallahasee, FL
Money Changes Everything 2006 Schroeder Romero Gallery, New York, NY
Variations on a Theme: Money 2005 City of Brea Art Gallery, CA
Miraculous:Contemporary Exvoto Paintings 2003 chezTGN Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
New Work 2003 Limn Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Take Out 2003 Zabriskie Gallery, New York, NY
Money & Value / The Last Taboo 2002 Biel, Switzerland, Harald Szeeman - Curator.
Show Me the Money 2002 Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Fresno Ca, Blanden Memorial Art Museum, Fort Dodge, IA, Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA, Naples Museum of Art,Naples, FL
Obsessions 2001 University of California, San Diego, CA
Show Me the Money 2001 Trust for Museum Exhibitions, Washington, D.C.
Made in California: Art, Image and Identity, 1900-2000 2000 LACMA, Los Angeles, CA
MoneyMaking, the Fine Art of Currency at the Millennium 2000 Federal Reserve Board, Washington D.C., traveling: Contemporary Art Center, VA, Boston Federal Reserve Bank, Boston.
Frankfurt Art Fair 2000 Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
Artist in Residence 1999 Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, NY
Making Change: Artists Interpret the Tzedekah Box 1999 The Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA
Seeing Money 1999 403 NW Fifth, Portland, OR
On the Money 1999 SFMOMA Rental Gallery, San Francisco, CA
On the Money 1998 Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Santa Monica
Haas Creative Work Fund, Finalist 1996 Walter and Elise Haas Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Discards 1995 Sheryl Haines Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Narrator, An Opera by Kui Dong 1995 Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Artist in Residence 1994 Djerassi Foundation, Woodside CA
New Work 1994 Mace Space for Art, San Francisco, CA
Vegas in Space 1994 Cinemax , HBO, Science Fiction Film Festival
Dolls, (Aristic Director, Director of Photography) 1993 Broadway Theater, San Francisco, CA
Vegas in Space 1993 Sundance Film Festival,Park City, Utah
Vegas in Space 1993 Cannes Film Festival,Cannes France
Vegas in Space 1993 Theatrical Release - New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco
Vegas in Space 1991 Castro Theater, Roxie Cinema, San Francisco, CA
Film Arts Foundation 1990 ( Completion Grant ), San Francisco, CA
Ferguson Award 1987 Ferguson Award, Friends of Photography, San Francisco, CA
Whatever Happened to Susan Jane 1984 Dir: Marc Huestis, Actor, San Francisco, CA
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2017 UCLA Film Archives Los Angeles, CA
George Soros New York City
DHR Investment Counsel Oakland, CA
Charles Ward San Francisco, CA
Holton Rower New York, NY
David L. Gold Los Angeles, CA
Alison Moritsugu Beacon, NY
Catharine Clark San Francisco, CA
Brian A Macelhose New York, NY
Merril Lynch Washington, D.C.
Frederich Nietzsche Frankfurt, Germany
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